Greyhound 2020

In 1942, Navy officer Ernst Krause was appointed captain of the destroyer Greyhound. Taking command, he needs to lead a convoy of ships through the waters of the North Atlantic, crowded with German submarines. But to escape from the enemy’s pursuit and save the crew, he needs to show skill and unprecedented tactical skills.

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Genre: military, drama
Year of manufacture: 2020
Directors: Aaron Schneider
Screenplay: Tom Hanks, Cecil Scott Forester
Composer: Blake Neely
Operator: Shelly Johnson
Producers: Jason Kliot, David Coatsworth, Thomas A. Giovane, Gary Goetzman, Tom Hanks …>
Actors: Tom Hanks, Elizabeth Shue, Stephen Graham, Carl Gluzman, Lee Norris, Grayson Russell, Devin Druid, Rob Morgan, Dave Randolph-Mayhem Davis