A popular resource for adults presented the first regular movie

One of the world’s most popular adult resources, Pornhub aims to expand its line of content and become a full-fledged streaming service. This is evidenced by the fact that in early March 2020, the company presented its first film project with non-pornographic content.

As noted by Variety, this is a documentary called “Shakedown”, which is described as “not an artistic narrative about strange women and men who visit a lesbian strip club in Los Angeles.” The project is assembled from episodes that were shot by Director Leila Weinraub for 15 years, and offers the viewer “a humorous, sensual and informative look at this vibrant subculture”.

Recall that in 2019, Pornhub published a rating of erotic preferences of Russian women. It turned out that Russian women prefer hentai most of all, that is, a genre of Japanese animation containing erotic or openly pornographic scenes. According to the internal statistics of the resource, the second most popular among Russians and residents of neighboring countries was foot fetish, the third – “webcam”.

Источник: Variety