Movies! Bloodshot (2020) HD Full Watch

Mortally wounded soldier Angelo Mortalli is resurrected thanks to the most advanced nanotechnology. And now it’s almost impossible to kill him. Moreover, he became super-tolerant and incredibly strong. And to control it, I had to completely erase its memory. Performing complex secret tasks of the government, he at some point gets out of control and decides to pay off everyone who made an inhuman killing machine out of him…

Added: CheChen
Genre: action, drama, motion picture, science fiction
Year of manufacture: 2020
Directors: Dave Wilson
Script: Eric Heisserer, Bob Layton, Don Perrin, Kevin Vanhoek, Jeff Wadlow
Composers: Steve Jablonski
Operators: Jacques Jouffre
Producers: Matthew Antoine, Cheryl Summa, Maurice Fadida, Louis J. Friedman, Jonathan Gray, …>
Actors: Asa Gonzalez, Sam Ewen, Guy Pearce, VIN Diesel, Toby Kebbell, Talula Riley, Johannes Hockur Johannesson, Lamorn Morris, Alex Hernandez, Alex Enlos,