Valentin Vasyanovich: “Getting to Hollywood, you have to forget about your ambitions”

Next year, the “Oscar” from Ukraine will compete for the picture of Valentin Vasyanovich “Atlantis”, which depicts the story of life in the Donbass after the victory in the war of Ukraine. The Director told why this time his chances are higher than last time, whether he will be able to qualify for the Golden globe next year, and why he refused to make attraction films in Hollywood.

— Three years ago, your film “black level” was already nominated by Ukraine for the “Oscar”, but did not even make the shortlist. At that time, you rated your chances of winning as low. Is there any hope this time?

5 actors who broke into Hollywood at an advanced age

In the American factory of stars, as you know, not only talent is important, but also appearance — actors and Actresses who are considered insufficiently attractive by the mass audience are more difficult to break through to the big screen. Because of this, the age of the applicant for the role is also critical: the larger it is, the less likely it is to get it. Time Out recalled 5 actors and Actresses who managed to become an exception and Shine almost in old age.