Denmark bypassed US sanctions against Nord stream 2»

While Germany is in doubt whether to continue the construction of Nord stream 2, another country, Denmark, unexpectedly allowed the project to operate. Just in Danish waters, this gas pipeline has not yet been completed. Why did Copenhagen, which had been dragging its feet for years with a permit to build the pipe, give the go-ahead for its operation? How will this affect the completion of the project?

The Danish energy Agency (DEA) has announced that it has issued a permit to operate Nord stream 2 on the country's continental shelf. This is certainly positive news against the background of the gathering clouds over the gas pipeline project. But it looks extremely unusual for several reasons at once. What kind of permission to operate the pipe can we talk about when the Danish section of the gas pipeline is the only one that is not completed? And Gazprom has not yet begun to complete it, for reasons that we can only guess at.

Denmark is the only country participating in this project, through whose waters the gas pipeline passes, which specifically delayed the issuance of the previous permit for the construction of the pipe (it was issued last fall). This procedure was delayed for the Danes for several years. Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen is directly opposed to Nord stream 2. And just recently, she said that she wants to resume this discussion (whether to build a gas pipeline) after Germany, which raised this topic because of the story with Navalny.

Donald trump got sick with the coronavirus

Donald trump fell ill with coronavirus three days after the first election debate with Joe Biden. According to experts interviewed by Izvestia, COVID-19, which hit the incumbent President a month before the November 3 vote, seriously affects the Republican's chances of re-election. And it's not just the absolute uncertainty of his physical condition.

The disease is a powerful blow to the entire "covid philosophy" of Donald trump, as well as to the campaign strategy. In addition, the President's wife, Melania, fell ill. And if it turns out that the "Republicans infected" someone else during the debate, it will not turn out well for them.

Festival, Hollywood music and timeless classics

First of all, the XXIX international festival of classical music "far Eastern spring" continues. Traditionally, it was held in the spring, but due to the current epidemiological situation, it was postponed to the autumn.On October 1, in the small hall, the audience will see the concert program "Seasons in Buenos Aires", which was prepared by the chamber ensemble "Karmen".