Donald trump got sick with the coronavirus

That the "Chinese virus," as Donald trump relentlessly calls COVID-19, broke the Republican's entire re-election strategy has been clear for a long time. The US economy — the former businessman's main achievement in his first three years as President — has experienced the biggest drop since the middle of the last century. And although the head of the White house could not do anything about it — he would not have stopped the coronavirus pandemic if he had wanted to, the fact is that his main trump card was in the sleeve of someone else's jacket.

At first, Donald trump tried his best to downplay the danger of COVID-19, trying to support at least a word the inevitable decline in the economy due to all sorts of restrictive measures and quarantines, then blamed China for everything, then, despite the pressure, did not refuse face-to-face rallies and meetings with supporters. All this happened against the backdrop of a steep peak in his own ratings and the clear leadership of Democrat Joe Biden in the election race. The US President did not give up, the economy with difficulty, but still began to recover, jobs were filled. The owner of the Oval office tried to be confident, often ignoring basic precautions, and laughed at "sleepy Joe", who after the start of the epidemic just listened to the doctors and maximally self-isolated.

As a result, on October 2, it became known that Donald and Melania trump were found to have coronavirus. Three days after the debate. The news that the US President fell ill with COVID-19 turned into a fall not only in the us stock exchanges, but also affected other markets, including the Russian one. Even the ruble felt the illness of the head of the White house. It is not surprising that the "Chinese virus" in the blood of the American President came as a shock to the voter.

— This is an additional blow to trump's prestige and competence as a leader. The country was not saved and he fell ill — doubting the electorate will certainly make this conclusion, — said "Izvestia" Director of The Franklin Roosevelt Foundation for the study of the United States at Moscow state University Yuri Rogulev. — The rest of the campaign will be crumpled up. After all, many events and rallies with supporters were planned, including indoors.

At the same time, the second and third debates of Donald trump with Joe Biden are scheduled for October 15 and 22. It is already clear that the face-to-face match will not take place in two weeks. The final round is a big question.

— Perhaps the second debate will not be canceled, but transferred to online. But that will depend on trump's condition. He will think carefully about whether to participate or not if he is not in the best shape. It is absolutely impossible for him to lose the second debate, "the President of the Center for global interests (Washington) assured Izvestia) Nikolai Zlobin.

As of October 2, 7 million 494 thousand 671 cases of COVID-19 have already been recorded in the United States. The daily increase is kept at the level of more than 40 thousand. On Thursday, for example, 47,389 Americans tested positive for coronavirus. During the entire time of the pandemic in the United States, 212 thousand 660 people died. And while the States continue to hold the first line among all countries for the spread of infection.

— Trump's illness is destroying his entire philosophy on covid. This is a blow to his line that masks and everything else are great, but it doesn't matter in principle. In other words, the fact that he was infected is unpleasant news for many of his supporters, — Nikolay Zlobin is sure.

In his opinion, the Americans, of course, will think about whether they need a President not in the best physical shape. However, Joe Biden (77 years old) also can not boast of health without coronavirus.

— So, America is not at all beautiful that two such elderly people are fighting for the main political post in the world,-said the political scientist.

The odds are fading
Anyway, COVID-19 has finally become enemy # 1 for Donald trump and his chances of winning in every sense of the word. However, there is a small chance that he will be able to turn the disease in his favor. However, as in other cases of its confrontation with the coronavirus, much depends not entirely on it.

Given the age of the current President — 74 years, if he manages to recover from the disease without consequences, calmly and not in a serious form, it can potentially, on the contrary, strengthen his reputation.

— Then he will have an extra argument that he is in excellent physical shape and even covid does not take it. If the course of the disease is without complications, I am sure that trump will start playing this card, — says Nikolai Zlobin.

However, if a severe form of coronavirus falls on the head of the White house, the entire strategy of the Republican party will be in question. In this sense, the debate between The us Vice-presidential candidates Kamala Harris from the Democrats and Mike Pence from the Republicans on October 7 takes on additional significance.

— It may turn out that America will be governed by Vice-presidents. While the Republican party is scratching their heads and waiting for advice from doctors on how trump's illness will go. They need to develop a plan B right now. Of course, trump will be on the ballot. But if it falls for a month, and with his style of campaigning — it's almost a disaster, the Republicans will throw all their strength to support Pence, — said Nikolai Zlobin.

At the same time, the Democrats have already attacked the Republicans with harsh criticism through all the media loyal to them. The fact is, say opponents of Donald trump, that the current President's team was without masks and other personal protective equipment during the debate on September 29. This means that she risked the health of ordinary Americans and put the nation at risk by her behavior.

— If it turns out that someone else is ill-from the organizers, journalists or, God forbid, Biden, then trump will be accused of infecting everyone. It's good that I haven't shaken Biden's hand or talked to him at close range yet, " Nikolai Zlobin summed up.

In any case, until the White house releases the forecast and dynamics for the President's illness, it is difficult to say how far he was from re — election. The ratings are already not in his favor. According to the latest data, his lag behind Joe Biden in national polls has returned to summer values. According to all recent calculations, the Republican loses from 8% to 13%.

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