5 actors who broke into Hollywood at an advanced age

In the American factory of stars, as you know, not only talent is important, but also appearance — actors and Actresses who are considered insufficiently attractive by the mass audience are more difficult to break through to the big screen. Because of this, the age of the applicant for the role is also critical: the larger it is, the less likely it is to get it. Time Out recalled 5 actors and Actresses who managed to become an exception and Shine almost in old age.

Catherine Justen

In her youth, Justen worked as a nurse in a psychiatric hospital — she began playing in the public theater only at the age of 42.

After that, Catherine began to work hard to build her Hollywood career: for 72 years, she performed more than 130 roles. Her big break was an appearance in the popular American "West wing" about the life of the US Presidential administration, and since 2005, Justen starred in the cult TV series "Desperate Housewives". By the way, the last role brought her two Emmys.

Judi Dench

The most famous and respected British actress has delighted theater — goers for decades, and made her debut on the big screen only in her 60s-but how!

In 1995, Dench appeared in the role of agent "M" in the 17th bond film "Golden eye". Since then, Judy has received 7 Oscar nominations and once received a statuette for her work in the film "Shakespeare in love" in 1999.

Ricardo Montalban

The Mexican-born actor made a big name for himself at the turn of the '70s and' 80s when he played the suave host in the ABC drama fantasy Island. His agent, who always considered Ricardo "a man with a big name, but without a big role", the actor was happy only at the 58th year of life.

It wasn't until the age of 62 that Montalban reincarnated as the iconic villain Khan Noonien Singh, who confronted captain Kirk in Star trek 2: the wrath of Khan. This work was the most important in Ricardo's career — millions of fans of the science fiction series will never forget him.

Margo Martindale

For many, many years, Margot remained an amazing actress who played character characters in the background. During this period, she was not famous, but critics admired her every work — whether it was the show "Law and order" and "Homicide" or films like "Baby in a million".

Martindale's real fame came with the beginning of the series "Justice" in 2010, when the actress was already 60. But this role finally brought her wide recognition.

By the way, Margot voiced a crazy version of herself in the famous adult animated series "horse Bojack" — also a kind of achievement.

Emmanuel Riva

This talented woman went down in history as the most adult person ever nominated for an Oscar for best actress. Riva has graced French cinema for decades, but it wasn't until 2012 that her success became international.

The reason was the film "Love" by Michael Haneke, which won the "Golden branch" in Cannes and the "Oscar" for best foreign language film — while the drama was nominated for the main award. Emmanuel then claimed the title of best actress. She didn't get it, but no one else has managed to get such an honor at the age of 85.

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